Suma G. Nathan


suma1Suma Nathan collaborates with some doctors in town, complimenting their pharmaceutical approach with natural ingredients. For menopausal women, she often suggests herbal mixtures including dong quai, black cohosh, wild yam root and chaste berry (also called vitex berry).

The later is widely used in Europe by menopausal women, she said, to help overcome hormonal imbalance. Sometimes she suggests red clover and shepherd's purse, the latter effective for bleeding.

Woman who are also concerned about weight gain during menopause, Nathan said, should look to natural ingredients like buchu, cornsilk, dandelion and parsley, all known water releasers.

"Sometimes I only hear from people one time," she said. "Because what I tell them to take works so well they don't need me anymore."

Suma Nathan followed her own advice when she was going through menopause and said it was easy.

One of Suma Nathan's most helpful suggestions isn't an herb at all — it's exercise. Weight-bearing exercise to keep bones strong. It also builds muscle which burn calories more rapidly than other tissues, helping weight maintenance. Nathan follows her own advice and trains with free weights 6 hours every week. "I plan on pumping iron until I'm 150," she says with a laugh.

Published: Anthem View
Date: February 27, 2002
Author: Suma Nathan C.N.C.