Suma G. Nathan

The Invisible Illness ~ Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Never before in history have we been exposed to so many chemicals. And sadly there is no escaping it — they are everywhere! And though medical science proclaims advancements in medicine, congruently there have been alarmingly increases in health conditions such as:

All of these conditions have something in common; they are caused from hypersensitivities due to chronic exposure to chemicals.

How can people lead a normal life under these conditions? The answer is they can’t. Now, more than ever people are looking for real answers.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) is a serious health problem now affecting upwards of 20 million people that is caused by repeated exposure to environmental toxic contaminants such as:

All of the above can cause damage to our Immune System! Plus, adding insult to injury we are inundating ourselves with:

All of which have carcinogenic coal tar coloring and dyes causing intestinal issues. Consider Leaky Gut or Bowel Toxicity, which is when the intestines are overloaded and weakened. When this happens, toxic materials and food particles enter the bloodstream where they become a cesspool of Decay!

But there is help! And it all starts in the gut and the liver!

Gut and liver purification have long been used in ancient cultures where people then knew the importance of a healthy digestive system and an optimal functioning liver – and that is even before we poisoned our environment to the degree that we have in recent days!

Adaptogen herbs of the Chinese Medicine such as:

These herbs can really give a boost to liver detoxification that can help neutralize the allergic reactions in the body caused by toxic chemicals.

The Ayurvedic Medicine of India has also utilized herbs such as

These are merely examples of ancient remedies used before our so-called Western Medicine advancements were known.

Probiotics, Super Green Foods, Milk Thistle, and Dandelion Root are other natural remedies that are also center stage in the attempt to reclaim health! They play a big role in protecting the body, especially the lungs, brain, intestines, and liver, which are all susceptible to multiple chemical destruction leading to the disruption of the immune system’s communication networks!

Interestingly, people are now revisiting these ancient remedies because they are tired of being sick and treating chemical poisoning with even more chemicals with little results!

Arm yourself with the right ammunition to keep conspirators (FDA, EPA, Etc…) from weakening our defenses!

It’s time to tell your liver to take control and your intestines to take a rest by paying attention to lifestyle and making the right dietary choices!

Improve your Whole Being…Mind-Body-Spirit with a Holistic Health Protocol Approach! For more information on how I can help, please see contact me!

Published: Online Holistic Health
Date: January 21, 2013
Author: Suma Nathan C.N.C.