Suma G. Nathan

Skin | Hair | Nails

clearskinhairnailsClear Skin, Hair, & Nails™ contains a unique blend of herbs, formulated to work in combination with active homeopathic ingredients, to effectively nourish the skin, hair & nails from within. Powerful anti-oxidants & nutrients moisturize, protect & correct skin damage due to aging & environmental factors. Notice the Clear radiance in soft, smooth, & supple skin after 1 to 2 months of taking Clear Skin, Hair and Nails™. Hair is revitalized & strengthened. Thinning & premature graying of hair are reversed. Nails become stronger. Notice the clear difference in your hair & nails in 4 to 6 months (be patient). Use Clear Skin, Hair & Nails™ to restore & maintain your natural beauty.


Therapeutic Actions: