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The Las Vegas TribuneĀ 
November 27, 2002

Author: Suma Nathan C.N.C.


People ask - Do you really think we can stave off that Aging Clock?

I have given a lot of "Stopping the Clock" seminars, as well as immune repairing. After all, isn't that what it really boils down to, not coming down with degenerate diseases. When Fred Warshofsky wrote in 1999, "Stealing Time, The New Science of Aging" and Dr. David Rudman, at hte Medical College of Wisconsin developed the Natural form of Human Growth Hormone.

Let's not forget the original very famous Anti-Aging immune repairing GH3 from Dr. Ana Aslan in Europe. This formula originated in the late 1950's. Many articles and books have been written. Two famous T.V. shows, produced in 1973. One of them The Mike Wallace Show, in 1976, 60 Minutes for CBS.

Herbert Bailey wrote "GH3, will it keep you younger longer" The Third Wonder Drug of the century. (not really a drug, although the F.D.A. thought it was). At one time, only purchased through the underground or from the Bahamas. One page 82, Bailey describes a Dr. with Parkinsons, who had tried L-Dopa, the accepted drug with no results, and a lot of side effects. There is no cure for this condition. This written in 1976.

After reading many reports from abroad, it was concluded that GH3 often cleared up the symptoms of Parkinsons, helps all types of brain damage and other signs of aging. Dr. Alfred T. Sapse M.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, UCLA and Director of the laboratory of Eye Research, Cedars-Sinai Medical, kept thinking about what they had seen and experienced many years before as a young doctor in Romania, with conclusive research on GH3. In the 1000 page book "Alternative Medicine" the definitive guide - Burton GOldman Group - 380 leading edge physicians explain their treatments. On page 958 hard cover it says Gerovital GH3 , Dr. Ana Aslan's original formula for Parkinsons. I also gave a seminar for that group in Summerlin in 1999.

Also mentioned was Human Growth Hormone the wholistic version - not the synthetic shots. In the scientific literature leads the way for these options for all of these conditions, includes MS and Lou Gehrings. When Jerome Godin wrote "GH3 - The Road to Discovery", the Vitality Vitamin.

Thousands of people, including movie stars, have flocked to the institute in Romania for very successful anti-aging treatment. GH3 has been approved in England, France, Italy and Switzerland, among others. Called one of the Fountains of Youth, millions have achieved very youthful results.

The Las Vegas TribuneĀ 
March 5, 2003
Cardiovascular Information
Author: Suma Nathan C.N.C.

For decades we have been giving money to research to find cures for heart disease, cancer, aids, Alzheimer's, however pharmaceutical drugs kill us nearly as often as many of the diseases they are suppose to fight. All of this from Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, PH.D. - Director of Cardiovascular Research for the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, credited with more than 50 research publications in peer reviewed scientific journals. And they say the Nutritional field is not regulated - according to this report there is not good enough control system of medical drugs, once they have been approved by the F.D.A. We women are especially mentioned as we suffer from more diseases (all those hormones). Many of the drugs are taken to counteract the side-effects of other drugs. In 1998 - pharmaceuticals companies were spending 1 billion on commercial advertising.

The monitoring of 5000 different meds currently available in the marketplace is being done by an F.D.A. staff of 52 people. The effectiveness of most drugs has not been tested in older people or in females. A classic example in a 1996 Journal of the American Medical Association report by the University of San Francisco - The Potential Carcinogenicity of the Statins, the lipid lowering drugs, that we discussed in last column. Don't you love those T.V. ads on Lipitor!! Inflammation of the heart muscle is called Myocarditis, the inflamed heart muscle is unable to do the pumping of the blood.

Myocarditis could be due to toxic chemicals (we experience that every day) and viruses. Recent research has found that the amino acid CARNITINE, CO-Q 10 and OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS from fish oils play a big role in heart metabolism. Remember when mom was pushing that cod liver oil down our throats in the 1940's? There was more nutrition at work than my mom may have realized. The EFA'S not only provide fuel for the heart, but also have positive effects on three main factors of heart disease: cardiovascular breakdown, triglyciredes levels and cholesterol. Improving the blood flow and increasing the ability to carry oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.

The amino acid CARNITINE is the main transporter of fatty acids and oxygen into the walls of the cells, without enough CO-Q10 and CARNITINE the heart muscles mitochondria becomes starve for fuel and the skeletal muscle cells for oxygen. Vegetarians should be aware and take supplementation of this. As CARNITINE is responsible for transporting fatty acids into the cells CO-Q10's job is to transport the nutrients into the mitochondria. Another helper is the herb HAWTHORN, which dilates the arteries that supply the heart muscles with blood, oxygen and fuel. Acting as a powerful free radical scavenger.

In fact combined with MOTHERWORT for heart palpations. If you are on any blood thinners - caution, EFA's not only thin the blood but also lower blood pressure. And now because of the controversy about the statins a lot of people are jumping back on the NIACIN bandwagon for lowering cholesterol. Just remember that a B vitamin and needs to be balanced with the rest of the B vitamins. Lest we not forget about the Maitake Chinese mushrooms that also help heart inflammation and lower pressure includes blood sugar.

There is an AYURVEDIC herb very old that is now just being recognized ARJUNA, its awesome! More about that later. Also scientists from Auburn University, Hames Heart Institute of Clayton, Georgia and the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that 200 mg of Niacin-bound Chromium a day or twice a day seemed to be significant in lowering cholesterol.

We have always been aware of men with heart disease. Now it seems that women have the same risk. 40% of Angioplasty which involves threading the tube into the heart arteries, closes again, sometimes within 6 months. GUGGUL, another AYURVEDIC herb, has also clinical research. Hopefully RED YEAST RICE that works so well will stay in our Health Nutritional field, its already being threatened. Cardiovascular disease disorders are primarily man made, which in turn incites chronic disorders. But man made crisis solutions (drugs and surgery) only work for a period of time. Heart Disease may be preventable for those willing to alter lifestyles. (Are we thinking about doing this before it gets too late?) Here I always stress the GH3 because of its Longevity and all the nutritional supplementation to become a mean lean fighting machine, because that's what we need to be!

Volume 5, Summer 2002

Bob Weinstein had chosen alternative therapies before, but this time was different.This time his life was on the line. During a routine cat scan following surgery, doctors discovered several large (2 and 3mm) aneurysms. An aneurysm is a bulge or bubble in an artery, and if it bursts, it means almost certain death. "Three different doctors told me that it was impossible for an aneurysm to shrink in size. One doctor told me I was a "walking time bomb" and they all recommended immediate surgery," remembers Bob. "My wife was the one who called Suma."

Suma Nathan is a certified nutritionist. She works as a consultant for Better Nutrition Stores in La Vegas, NV. She also hosts a weekly radio show on health and nutrition and she teaches seminars all over the country. "I had never had any experience with an aneurysm," admits Suma, "and I really wasn't sure what to add to the comprehensive program Bob was already on. The only thing that came to mind was colostrum. If anything could restore the youthful resilience to his arteries, it was colostrum," she recalls.

Since Bob did not want to have another surgery, he added colostrum to his program of supplements, taking 1 Tablespoon of the colostrum every day. After 3 months, another CAT scan revealed that the impossible was happening. The aneurysms were shrinking in size! The largest had shrunk from 3 mm to 2 mm - the others were also smaller. 18 months and 4 CAT scans later, the aneurysms are continuing to reduce in size, and for the first time in medical history, (according to 3 of Bob's doctors), an aneurysm has nearly disappeared!

Colostrum has so many biologically rejuvenating compounds in it, that it literally has the capacity to bring youthful resilience to all of the tissues of the body. Most people notice this difference in their skin, - what they don't often realize is that the same softening and revitalizing effects are going on inside as well as on the outside where than can see it. For Bob Weinstein, those effects have been monumental and may even get him written up in the medical journals.

Suma Nathan reports, "The band Bob used is the only one I know of that will produce these kinds of results. It is the only brand that is "whole", "first-milking" colostrum; there's nothing else out there that even comes close." She recommends it regularly for a wide variety of health concerns, - especially for autoimmune diseases, diabetes, colitis and other digestive problems. "And of course, I take it myself," she adds. "It has strengthened my immune system and it continues to give me enough youthful energy and stamina to maintain my rigorous schedule at the age of 65."

Anthem View
February 27, 2002

Author: Suma G. Nathan

Suma Nathan collaborates with some doctors in town, complimenting their pharmaceutical approach with natural ingredients. For menopausal women, she often suggests herbal mixtures including dong quai, black cohosh, wild yam root and chaste berry (also called vitex berry).

The later is widely used in Europe by menopausal women, she said, to help overcome hormonal imbalance. Sometimes she suggests red clover and shepherd's purse, the latter effective for bleeding.

Woman who are also concerned about weight gain during menopause, Nathan said, should look to natural ingredients like Buchu, cornsilk, dandelion and parsley, all known water releasers.

"Sometimes I only hear from people one time," she said. "Because what I tell them to take (works so well) they don't need me anymore."

Suma Nathan followed her own advice when she was going through menopause and said it was easy.

One of Suma Nathan's most helpful suggestions isn't an herb at all. Its exercise. Weight-bearing exercise to keep bones strong. It also builds muscle which burn calories more rapidly than other tissues, helping weight maintenance. Nathan follows her own advice and trains with free weights 6 hours every week. "I plan on pumping iron until I'm 150," she says with a laugh.