Suma G. Nathan

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a nutritionist or herbologist do?

I help people with a variety of health concerns achieve great results. I design custom nutritional & herbal programs — built just for you.

Can holistic healing help me?

There are many ways to be helped without medication. A holistic healer can help you address the underlying causes of your illness.

Why doesn't my doctor know how to help me?

Your doctor helps you the best he/she can. Generally, doctors are not trained in nutritional and herbal remedies. This is starting to change and we need to work together.

How long does it take to see benefits?

It depends on your symptoms and how much damage your body has suffered! These days, most people have lots of toxicity in their system.

Can I take nutritionals & herbs with my medication?

Rule number one — I never take people off their medications! However, as time goes on and body responds to nourishment, you will be able to cut down. Always check with your doctor!

There is a lot of controversy in the news media and pop news about holistic — who do you believe?

There are always those that do not understand, don't want to, and are not ready to accept other ways. Holistic medicine is not a new fade. It's been used for thousands of years by many cultures. We are returning to our "roots" — quite literally!

My pharmaceutical medications are making me sicker — What can I do? How can I get off them?

This are many steps to weaning yourself off of medications. But, once a person starts feeling better, he/she may be able to start cutting down slowly. Always check with your doctor.

Do I need to tell my doctor what I am taking?

It's entirely up to you — you are in charge of your health!

Is detoxification dangerous?

A body filled with toxins can suffer with all kinds of degenerative diseases. Detoxifying is certainly no more dangerous than toxins waging war on your system!

How do I start?

Get in touch with me! Send me an email and I will have you fill out a questionnaire and nutritional agreement. I will also give you more info on costs & therapies. A phone call will be next!

Where are you located?

I work from my home office in Las Vegas, Nevada USA