Public Speaking

Suma G. Nathan C.N.C

Public speaking experience at various locatiaons in Las Vegas, NV.

Anti-Aging Seminars-Avoidence of Degenerate Diseases 2006:
- Red Hat Society/The Ruby Reds of Las Vegas, March 10, 2006
- Red Hat Attitudes of Las Vegas, March 25,2006

Red Hat Society Of Las Vegas Seminar (10/15/2005) 
Sinderella Sisterhood - Seminar (10/15/2005)
Anti-Aging,Avoidance of Degenerate Diseases - Seminar (10/15/2005)
Cancer Hospital Group - Summerlin Hospital 
Hep C Group 
Multiple Sclerosis - Desert Springs Hospital 
Scleroderma - Desert Springs Hospital 
Parkinson's - Summerlin Hospital 
Prostrate Cancer - W. LV Library 
Anti-Aging - Canyon Gate LV. Gas Company
Anti-Aging Seminar for the Ebony & Ivory Group from Sun City, Summerlin, Las Vegas (3/2005)

Radio Personality from 1997 - 2001 for a Health Show on KLAV am L.V.

Health - Anti-Aging Journalist: L.V. Tribune 6 months - 2002 - 2003
Some featured articles in the LV Review Journal

Member of American Nutritional Consultants
Registry of Nutritional Consultants
American Association of Nutritional Consultants (A.A.N.C.)