Suma G. Nathan C.N.C

30 Years Experience

Click here to see certificates for:
-- The American Association of Nutritional Consutants
-- American Nutrition Consultants Association, School of Nutritional Science
-- Registry of Nutrition Consultants
-- East West Course in Herbology

Certified Registered Holistic Nurtritionist
Chinese Herbologist
Specializing in:
-- Nutritional Healing
-- Anti-Aging
-- Degenerate Disease
-- Private Counseling

Studying of Adell Davis 1960's with Earl Mindell, a famous Health author and founder of Great Earth.

Great Earth, Northridge, California 1980's

Better Nutrition, Las Vegas, Nevada 1990's

And on-going thru current.

Member of American Nutritional Consultants
Registry of Nutritional Consultants
American Association of Nutritional Consultants (A.A.N.C.)