Suma G. Nathan

Anti-Aging to Perfection

suma4People ask — Do you really think we can stave off that Aging Clock?

I have given a lot of Stopping the Clock seminars, as well as immune repairing. After all, isn't that what it really boils down to, not coming down with degenerate diseases. When Fred Warshofsky wrote in 1999, Stealing Time, The New Science of Aging and Dr. David Rudman, at the Medical College of Wisconsin developed the Natural form of Human Growth Hormone.

Let's not forget the original very famous Anti-Aging immune repairing GH3 from Dr. Ana Aslan in Europe. This formula originated in the late 1950's. Many articles and books have been written. Two famous T.V. shows, produced in 1973. One of them, The Mike Wallace Show, and in 1976, 60 Minutes for CBS.

Herbert Bailey wrote GH3, Will It Keep You Younger Longer—The Third Wonder Drug of the Century. (GH3 is not really a drug, although the F.D.A. thought it was). At one time, it was only available for purchase through the underground or from the Bahamas. One page 82, Bailey describes a doctor with Parkinson's, who had tried L-Dopa, the accepted drug with no results, and a lot of side effects. There is no cure for this condition. This was written in 1976.

After reading many reports from abroad, it was concluded that GH3 often cleared up the symptoms of Parkinson's, helps all types of brain damage and other signs of aging. Dr. Alfred T. Sapse M.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Immunology, UCLA and Director of the laboratory of Eye Research, Cedars-Sinai Medical, kept thinking about what they had seen and experienced many years before as a young doctor in Romania, with conclusive research on GH3. In the 1000 page book Alternative Medicine the definitive guide - Burton Goldman Group — 380 leading edge physicians explain their treatments. On page 958 hard cover it says Gerovital GH3, Dr. Ana Aslan's original formula for Parkinson's. I also gave a seminar for that group in Summerlin in 1999.

Also mentioned was Human Growth Hormone the holistic version — not the synthetic shots. In the scientific literature leads the way for these options for all of these conditions, includes MS and Lou Gehrig's. When Jerome Godin wrote GH3 - The Road to Discovery, the Vitality Vitamin.

Thousands of people, including movie stars, have flocked to the institute in Romania for very successful anti-aging treatment. GH3 has been approved in England, France, Italy and Switzerland, among others. Called one of the Fountains of Youth, millions have achieved very youthful results.

Published: The Las Vegas Tribune 
Date: November 27, 2002
Author: Suma Nathan C.N.C.