Suma G. Nathan

Man Made & Environmental Toxins

How about all the toxicity that surrounds us? No wonder half of us don't feel well and have some type of health issue, trying to hang on.

Personal care products are not monitored - companies can put in them whatever they feel like. Many contain toxic chemicals linked to a variety of health problems. If used continually there is a build up in your body over time, causing health risks. A few personal care products to consider would be anti-freeze, engine degreases and brake fluid.

One particularly nasty toxin is called "PEG" or "PG" - Propylene Glycol. If you ever see this on a label — run. This was even removed from pet foods, but is a common item in anti-freeze. It can still be found in some personal care and cosmetic products though. According to Dr. John Baily, acting director of the F.D.A.'s cosmetic and colors, it can inhibit cell growth which means that the cells cannot replicate. Workers who handle P.G. must wear protective gloves and goggles.

Look at the labels of all you personal care products!

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health says there are 884 toxic chemicals in personal care products: 314 cause developmental abnormalities, 376 cause skin or eye damage. Residues store in your body — but so does medication. It is hard for the immune system to handle all of this. Look forward to more on this later!!!

Exercise & Nutrition

Are you exercising, eating right, taking your nutrients, getting enough sleep? Yeah right — who does this? Not too many. The body is constantly exposed to U.V. rays, environmental pollutants, toxins, tobacco smoke, pesticides, radiation, big time stress and illness all contribute to free radical damage to the cells. They are major factors in 80 different diseases.

We all know about good food choices and exercise. But look what we're up against... There is a lot of answers to all of this nutritionally. Feeding your body and mind and soul. Blood sugar imbalances cause immune disfunction. Learning to walk down a different path is hard work, but more than worth it in the end. There is an ongoing relationship between health and healing. So why not put old on hold!!!!

Personal Health & Hereditary Considerations

I myself have low thyroid, low metabolism and am a slow metabolizer. This means all food could just sit and turn to fat. Its called Stagnant Stomach Chi in TCM. Heredity plays a big part, but it's work and so is nutritional healing, but worth it since I've studied since 1962.