Suma G. Nathan


bobBob Weinstein had chosen alternative therapies before, but this time was different.This time his life was on the line. During a routine cat scan following surgery, doctors discovered several large (2 and 3mm) aneurysms. An aneurysm is a bulge or bubble in an artery, and if it bursts, it means almost certain death. "Three different doctors told me that it was impossible for an aneurysm to shrink in size. One doctor told me I was a "walking time bomb" and they all recommended immediate surgery," remembers Bob. "My wife was the one who called Suma."

Suma Nathan is a certified nutritionist. She works as a consultant for Better Nutrition Stores in La Vegas, NV. She also hosts a weekly radio show on health and nutrition and she teaches seminars all over the country. "I had never had any experience with an aneurysm," admits Suma, "and I really wasn't sure what to add to the comprehensive program Bob was already on. The only thing that came to mind was colostrum. If anything could restore the youthful resilience to his arteries, it was colostrum," she recalls.

Since Bob did not want to have another surgery, he added colostrum to his program of supplements, taking 1 Tablespoon of the colostrum every day. After 3 months, another CAT scan revealed that the impossible was happening. The aneurysms were shrinking in size! The largest had shrunk from 3 mm to 2 mm — the others were also smaller. Eighteen months and 4 CAT scans later, the aneurysms are continuing to reduce in size, and for the first time in medical history, (according to three of Bob's doctors), an aneurysm has nearly disappeared!

Colostrum has so many biologically rejuvenating compounds in it, that it literally has the capacity to bring youthful resilience to all of the tissues of the body. Most people notice this difference in their skin — what they don't often realize is that the same softening and revitalizing effects are going on inside as well as on the outside where than can see it. For Bob Weinstein, those effects have been monumental and may even get him written up in the medical journals.

Suma Nathan reports, "The band Bob used is the only one I know of that will produce these kinds of results. It is the only brand that is "whole", "first-milking" colostrum; there's nothing else out there that even comes close." She recommends it regularly for a wide variety of health concerns — especially for autoimmune diseases, diabetes, colitis and other digestive problems. "And of course, I take it myself," she adds. "It has strengthened my immune system and it continues to give me enough youthful energy and stamina to maintain my rigorous schedule at the age of 75."

Published: The Colostrum Option
Issue: Volume 5, Summer 2002