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I am available for questions and private counseling. Complete therapeutically individualized designed program, detox, cleanse, repair, rebuild and maintain researched scientifically with the supplementation, food therapy, what to eat, what not to eat and exercise breathing (Chi Gong) for stress and energy. For further information, including fees and holistic nutritionals email me.


I don't know if you remember this, but about four years ago I got a terrible skin condition called Pityarisis Rosae. It is just awful. It is supposed to last about eight weeks. It is worse then chicken pox. You had me taking high doses of Pantothenic Acid, and 3 different formulas from Planetary. I was told by the doctors that there is no cure and they wanted me to take steroids, etc. Well, after doing what you told me to do, All of the lesions disappeared completely in less then one week, never to return. I guess it does return in most people.

I was so thankful to have found you. I did not have to ride it out for eight weeks, not even a week longer after I met you. It was mis-diagnosed by two doctors before I got an accurate diagnosis. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. You could write a book on cures, if you haven't already. There are thousands and thousands who suffer from this and other skin ailments who never get any relief! If they only knew you!

— Gina Aitken from Henderson, Nevada